Ice Sports Center


Freestyle sessions are reserved for HSSTA members and guest freestyle skaters.  Ice time must be paid for prior to skating a session.  All HSSTA Freestyle skaters will now contract their ice time through the Dash Online portal.

Session Rules for all HSSTA sessions (Click Here)

To register for ice time please follow the link below to create an account and register for ice.

Daysmart Recreation (Formerly DASH)

June Freestyle Sessions 

Price: $20 per hour (non-member pricing)

          $18 per hour (Member pricing during the month)

          $16 per hour (Member pricing contracted month prior)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday




  7:00am-8:00am FS/HP     6:50am-7:50am FS



  8:00am-9:00am FS/HP     7:50am-8:50am FS
          9:00am-10:00am FS & Adult Synchro


2:00pm-3:00pm FS


1:50pm-2:50pm FS  1:50pm-2:50pm FS  1:50pm-2:50pm FS  2:00pm-3:00pm FS/HP  


3:00pm-4:00pm FS


3:00pm-4:00pm FS



3:00pm-4:00pm FS


3:00pm-4:00pm FS


3:00pm-4:00pm FS/HP

Split Session 4:10pm-4:40pm FS



4:40pm-5:40pm FS/HP

     4:40pm-5:40pm FS 4:40pm-5:40pm Theatre On Ice  


5:40pm-6:40pm FS/HP

5:40pm-6:40pm FS/HP 5:40pm-6:40pm FS and ASPIRE 5:40pm-6:40pm FS and Special Olympics    



FS = Freestyle        HP = Hockey Private

Max # of skaters per session = 22