ISC Mission Statement

Our mission is to Inspire our Community with ice sports, and to serve with Excellence.

The Ice Sport Center (ISC) is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all of our patrons, families and friends.

Patrons will remain respectful and comply with all rules, polices, and emergency response procedures approved by the ISC Board of Control. This includes cooperation with all directions and communications from ISC personnel and coaching staff.

Facility Rules

Assumption of Risk

ISC patrons assume all inherent risks and danger of personal injury associated with actitives including, however, not limited to ice skating, hockey, broomball, or curling, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to serious personal injury or death

Ice Sports Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

Ice Sports Center reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the ice or building at any time for any reason.

Facility Rules

Alcohol and and Tobacco

Alcohol is available for purchase at concessions and the Tavern for guests with valid ID that are 21 years of age and older.

Alcohol is not allowed in locker rooms.

Alcohol purchased is not allowed to be taken outside (ie.parking lot) of the ISC.

Anyone who appears intoxicated will be removed from ISC.

ISC is a tobacco free facility. Cigarettes, cigars, E-cigarettes, vaping, chewing tobacco or any other are all prohibited anywhere in the facility and within 50 feet of the building.

Facility Rules

Floor Hockey

The use of sticks and/or pucks, is strictly prohibited everywhere except on the ice

No stick or puck/ball play allowed on any non-ice surface inside the ISC.

Facility Rules

Locker Rooms, Locker Areas, and Restrooms

Food and beverage are not allowed to be consumed in the locker rooms, with the exception of water and sports drinks

Skaters/players should only go to assigned locker room or locker area.

No loud or vulgar music allowed.

Photography, videography are prohibited in the locker rooms, restrooms and other areas where privacy is expected.

Facility Rules

Lost and Found

The Ice Sport Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

Inquiries about items lost may be made at the front desk. Lost items will be kept for 14 days.

Facility Rules

Outside Food and Beverage

Outside food and beverage is strictly prohibited from being brought into the ISC, with the exception of sports drinks and water.

Facility Rules

Prohibited and Banned from ISC

Patrons are prohibited from bringing weapons, firearms, fireworks, contraband or dangerous devices of any type into ISC. Patrons found in possession with such items will be subject to expulsion and items confiscated.

Facility Rules

Supervision of Children 12 and Under

Parents are responsible for supervising their own children at all times.

Parents and children will cooperate with all directions and communications from ISC personnel and coaching staff.

Children ages 12 years and younger cannot be left unattended.

Children ages 6 years and younger may not be left unattended on the ice; unless participating in a class or event.

Supervision is a safety issue and those who do not comply will be asked to leave the ISC.

Facility Rules

Zero Tolerance for Drug use or Possession

Illegal substances are prohibited from anywhere inside and outside the ISC. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Facility Rules

ISC Schedule Events or Activities

Only events that have been previously scheduled and approved by ISC Senior Staff are allowed.

Any parties or events that have not been scheduled with ISC will be asked to leave.

Acts of vandalism anywhere inside or outside should be reported immediately. Vandals will be held liable for the full amount of damages caused.

Facility Rules

Zero Tolerance

The ISC and its staff abide by and support the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy for aggression and violence.

Inappropriate and destructive behavior of spectators, players, officials and team officials are not tolerated.

Violators are asked to leave the premises.

Operations Policies

General Operations Policies

1.1.1 General Ice Rental Charges

1.1.2 Recurring Block Renter Ice Charges

1.1.3 Bulk Purchase Ice Rental Charges

1.1.5 Block Ice Special Preferred Rate

1.1.6 Block Ice Recurring Rental Groups

1.1.7 Block Ice Rental Schedule

1.1.8 Recurring Block Ice Rental Payments

1.1.9 Delinquent Accounts

1.1.10 Ice Rental Cancellation Policy

1.1.11 Block Practice Ice Donation

1.1.12 Zamboni

1.1.13 Employee Only Restricted Access Areas

1.1.14 Air Quality Monitoring

1.1.15 Bid Law Compliance

1.1.16 Presentation of Motions

1.1.17 Public Comment Policy

Operations Policies


1.2.1 Reimbursement of Expenses

1.2.2 Daily Rink Deposits

1.2.3 Ice Time Billing

1.2.4 Donations

1.2.5 Bills Paid From Statements

1.2.6 Time Sheets and In House Document Handling

1.2.7 Computer Backups

1.2.8 Corporate Credit Cards

Operations Policies

Concessions and Front Office

1.3.1 Concession Operations

1.3.3 Rental Skate Replacement

1.3.4 Display of Banners&Flags

1.3.5 Skate Guards

1.3.6 Hockey Locker Rental Records

1.3.7 Employees Must Comply with Alabama Laws

1.3.8 Alcohol Sales to Minors Prohibited

1.3.9 Alcohol Sales to Intoxicated Customers Prohibited

1.3.10 ID for Alcohol Sales

1.3.11 Alcohol Restrictions

Employee Policies

General Employee Policies

2.1.1 Anti-discrimination

2.1.2 Anti Harassment Policy

2.1.3 ADA & ADAAA Compliance

2.1.4 Hiring Age Requirements

2.1.5 Nepotism

2.1.6 Nursing Mothers

2.1.7 Chain of Command

2.1.8 Manager on Duty

2.1.9 Layoff

2.1.10 Resignation

2.1.11 Background Checks

2.1.13 Employee Rehire Policy

Employee Policies

Orientation, Training, Evaluation

2.2.1 Performance Evaluations

2.2.2 Orientation and Training

2.2.3 Probationary Employment Period

2.2.4 Dress Code

2.2.5 Employee Lockers

2.2.6 Workplace Searches

2.2.7 Continuing Education and Travel Reimbursement

Employee Policies

Classification, Work Hours and Pay Practices

2.3.1 Employee Classification

2.3.2 Overtime

2.3.3 Working Off the Clock

2.3.4 Employee Pay Practices

2.3.5 On Call Scheduling

2.3.6 Timekeeping

2.3.7 Break Period Policy

2.3.8 Tardiness and Absenteeism

2.3.9 Employee Working Hours and Availability

2.3.10 Compensation Program

2.3.11 Final Paycheck

2.3.12 Telecommuting

2.3.13 Hazardous Weather and Emergency Closure

Employee Policies

Benefits and Leave

2.4.1 Paid Holiday Policy

2.4.2 Paid Time Off

2.4.3 Family Medical Leave of Absence

2.4.4 Military Leave

2.4.5 Personal Leave of Absence

2.4.6 Employee Discount Program

2.4.7 Health Insurance

2.4.8 Jury Duty

2.4.9 Medical Leave of Absence

Employee Policies

Employee Conduct

2.5.1 Customer Relations

2.5.2 Gift Acceptance

2.5.3 Office Usage

2.5.4 Facility Access

2.5.5 Personal Information Confidentiality – Employees

2.5.6 Personal Information Confidentiality – Patrons

2.5.7 Outside Employment (incl Self Employment)

2.5.8 Conducting Personal Business at Work

2.5.9 Employees Not Outside Agents

2.5.10 Employment Assignments

2.5.11 Use of Private Vehicles

2.5.12 Facility Internet Service

2.5.13 Personal Cellular and Wireless Devices

2.5.14 Email and Electronic Communications

2.5.15 Social Media

2.5.16 Facility Owned Personal Computing Devices

2.5.17 Media Relations

2.5.18 Employee Smoking and Tobacco

2.5.19 Electronic Communication with Minors

2.5.20 Non-Solicitation

2.5.21 Incident Reporting Process

Employee Policies

Discipline and Grievances

2.6.1 Disciplinary Actions – Employees

2.6.2 Causes for Disciplinary Action

2.6.3 Open Door Policy

2.6.4 Problem Solving Process

2.6.5 Drug and Alcohol Policy

Patron Policies

General Patron Policies

3.1.1 Child Supervision

3.1.2 No Horseplay in Lobby

3.1.3 No Hockey Pucks or Tape Balls in Lobby

3.1.4 Tobacco and Smoke-Free Facility

3.1.5 Non-Related Activities, Non-Compete Clause

3.1.6 Disciplinary Actions – Patrons

3.1.7 Animals not Allowed

3.1.8 Lost Items

3.1.10 Abuse and Misconduct – Patrons

3.1.9 Anti-harassment – Patrons

3.1.12 Inclement Weather or Emergency Situations

Patron Policies

Facility Usage Policy

3.2.3 Conference Room Rental

3.2.4 Ballet Room Rental

3.2.5 Storage Room Rental

3.2.7 Locker Room Usage

3.2.7a Locker Room Damage Acknowledgement

3.2.8 Locker Room Monitoring

3.2.9 Equipment Borrowing

3.2.1 Hockey Locker Rental